Running differently: Mindful Running offers relaxation and exercise

Running differently: Mindful Running offers relaxation and exercise

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Deliberately running away the stress

Jogging is experiencing a real boom due to the contact restrictions and the limited range of sports facilities in the Corona crisis. The motto does not have to be faster, longer and further. The so-called Mindful Running offers a targeted opportunity to relax and promote concentration.

Music to the ears and then racing, fleeing from the inner bastard: Many or so jogging. It can work - but it can also be done differently and more relaxed - with Mindful Running.

It doesn't always have to be performance-based

Faster, longer, further: That is the motto under which many amateur joggers practice running. The Mindful Running variant shows that there is another way - that is, the very conscious running, which focuses on relaxation and concentration.

Mindfulness while running

The basic idea behind it is the concept of mindfulness, explains Sandra Gärttner from the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DhfPG). The principle of mindfulness is primarily known from work and meditation. However, it can be transferred to recreational sports, according to the expert. For example, when running, it means to focus attention on the surroundings - what you see, hear, smell, feel.

Relieve tension

On the one hand, this helps with running because it improves body awareness and reduces the risk of injury. However, the positive effects of leisure sports are also increased: tensions can be better reduced, the ability to concentrate increases.

How do you train Mindful Running?

If you want to try out mindful running, you can start breathing. But when walking slowly - or while walking - pay close attention to your breath: how does it flow into the body, how does it flow out? Then you concentrate on the rhythm of your own steps, then maybe on your feet: how do they sit on, how do they roll? If the thoughts drift away for a short time, it doesn't matter. However, you should always return to the current mindfulness goal as quickly as possible. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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