Coronavirus: New Diagnostic and Treatment Methods Announced

Coronavirus: New Diagnostic and Treatment Methods Announced

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Reliable treatment of COVID-19 in prospect?

During the coronavirus pandemic, many researchers around the world are working on reliable methods for effectively diagnosing and treating the virus. Some new promising technologies are about to be patented or licensed. What help can we expect?

Purdue University researchers in the United States are working hard to bring new solutions to diagnose and treat coronavirus to the market as quickly as possible. Information on the methods being developed was published in the English-language journal "ACS Omega".

Investigation focused on diagnostic and therapeutic aspects

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading around the world. Therefore, it is important to bring techniques to the market that can be used to diagnose and treat the virus. The Purdue Research Foundation's Office of Technology Commercialization works with researchers across the university to patent and license various technologies that focus on the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of COVID-19 treatment.

New rapid detection systems are being developed

Technologies that are currently in development include, for example, so-called paper-based and microfluidic rapid detection systems, which are cost-effective and portable solutions for diagnosing COVID-19 on site. For more information, read the article: Corona viruses also detectable in wastewater.

Sterilization of surfaces, water and air

Purdue University researchers use their strengths in areas such as environmental technology, health sciences and chemistry to create solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of people infected with the novel strain of coronavirus. This is how drugs and vaccine options for treatment and prevention are developed. The researchers are also working on technologies that can be used to sterilize surfaces, water and air.

Long-term solutions are needed

"I think it is important to know that Purdue researchers are not only thinking about today during this pandemic, but that we are offering long-term solutions for tomorrow so that we are better prepared for these kinds of challenges in the future," said Thomas Sors, ​​deputy director of the Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease in a press release.

Solutions from other areas could be applied to COVID-19

It is impressive to see how quickly the researchers react to focus their work on this current outbreak. Many of them have already developed solutions in related areas, which can now be applied directly to COVID-19. The research group is currently looking for partnerships in industry to help them accomplish this task. (as)

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