Coronavirus: loss of control is a problem for people

Coronavirus: loss of control is a problem for people

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Expert psychological advice on dealing with the corona crisis

Most of us experience such a degree of restrictions on freedom for the first time in their lives. This scares many. Added to this is the worry of how to proceed - because experts are not sure about that either. What is the best way to deal with such a situation?

The corona crisis also poses great challenges for the psyche. Previous security and predictability are beginning to falter. With the Corona crisis, people are experiencing a completely new situation. "You have to cope with an enormous restriction of previous freedoms," said Vice President of the State Psychotherapy Chamber Martin Klett of the German Press Agency (dpa).

Psychology expert gives tips

Martin Klett is Vice President of the State Psychotherapy Chamber with around 6000 members. The psychological psychotherapist specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents. The father of two lives in Schallstadt, but has his practice in Freiburg's city center. The dpa interviewed the psychology specialist on the corona crisis.

What is particularly depressing for people?

Klett: "I think it's the loss of control and the feeling of powerlessness. The hamster buying is, in my view, a failed attempt not to lose control. But it is actually clear that the corona epidemic is overwhelming us medically, economically and psychologically. There are so many questions with no trace of an answer: will I or my family become infected, how long will the crisis last, will I keep my job? You have to accept these imponderables to some extent. "

What should you protect yourself from a psychotherapy perspective during the crisis?

Klett: “I advise ignoring dubious theories on the Internet and only using reputable sources such as the Robert Koch Institute. Distance is the order of the day - from other people and horror news and pictures from Italy, for example. ”

What does the crisis teach us about our lives so far?

Klett: "Only when freedom is restricted do we realize how much freedom we actually have: unlimited mobility, leisure activities in abundance, a functioning administration with all its services. One can learn to appreciate these achievements, which have so far been taken for granted, by restricting them. ”(Vb; Source: Julia Giertz, dpa)

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