Warts in children: Without treatment, it can take years

Warts in children: Without treatment, it can take years

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Warts in children often go away on their own - but it can take time

Warts are almost always harmless, but they can be bothersome and unsightly, and especially painful on the feet. Children are particularly affected. Warts often disappear themselves, but without treatment it can sometimes take years.

Knotty warts belong to every witch or monster in the children's book. On children's feet and hands they can interfere. And you rarely get them away quickly.

Warts usually don't hurt

The so-called common warts usually frolic on the back of the hand and on the fingers.

They usually do not hurt - unlike thorny or plantar warts, which can be uncomfortable on the foot when they occur.

Warts often go away on their own. However, it can take months or years, explains the magazine "Children!" (March 2020 edition).

Different treatment options

Whether and what you do depends on the extent to which the growth disturbs the child. Then sometimes pharmacy or prescription solutions or plasters can help - but the success is usually rather slow.

Home remedies for warts such as treatment with celandine or a thuja tincture can also be worthwhile.

Finally, a dermatologist can laser the wart, freeze it with liquid nitrogen or remove it with a sharp spoon. However, the latter can leave scars and be painful for the child.

Strengthen your immune system

A stable immune system is important so that the human papillomaviruses (HPV), which cause warts, do not come into play at all.

Exercise in the fresh air and a diet rich in vitamins strengthen the immune system.

Caution is advised in swimming pools and gyms: here the pathogens like to spread. So it is better not to walk barefoot there, disinfect hands and feet and only use your own towel. If the child has cracked skin, it should be applied regularly. (ad; source: dpa / tmn)

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