Oregano recall: Toxic plant ingredient discovered!

Oregano recall: Toxic plant ingredient discovered!

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Another recall for oregano because of harmful plant ingredient

After various retail companies such as Lidl and Edeka have called shredded oregano in the past few weeks, Tedi is now joining this recall. Reason for the measure: In the spice, increased values ​​of a health-endangering substance were proven.

In a customer information, TEDi GmbH & Co. KG informs about the recall for the product "Oregano rubbed" from the manufacturer WEHA Gewürz GmbH. The spice should not be used.

The use of the spice is not recommended

“Product tests showed increased levels of the plant ingredient pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA). This substance can be hazardous to health, so further use of oregano is not recommended, ”the company writes.

Affected by the recall is "Oregano rubbed" in the 20 gram pack, with the LOT number: W20200117 and W20200109; Best before 30.06.2022 and the article number: 55217002061000000100.

The spice was sold in Tedi stores from November 5, 2019 to February 6, 2020. The product can be exchanged for a refund of the retail price of € 1.00 or for another item in each branch.

Already in January, information was given on the websites of various retail companies such as Lidl or Edeka and on the portal "" of the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety about the recall for shredded oregano.

Even small amounts can be dangerous

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) are secondary plant ingredients that occur naturally in various plants.

According to the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security (AGES), animal experiments have shown that regular consumption of relatively small amounts of PA (chronic intake) can be carcinogenic.

Poisoning can cause upper abdominal pain, dropsy, nausea, and vomiting. Jaundice and fever are less common.

Regular intake of higher doses can lead to irreversible liver damage (cirrhosis) and, in extreme cases, to death. Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers are at particular risk of health risks.

Due to the possible health risk, customers should definitely pay attention to the recall and never consume the product. (ad)

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