Long life: World's oldest man reveals his secret

Long life: World's oldest man reveals his secret

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Is serenity the key to long life?

Many people wish to live a long and healthy life. Research is also interested in the secret of longevity - is it the genes, physical fitness or healthy nutrition? The oldest man in the world reveals his personal secret to longevity.

What gives you a long life? The Japanese Chitetsu Watanabe is the oldest man in the world. His tip on longevity is: Serenity - and a smile on your lips.

Proud 112 years old

The officially oldest man in the world lives in Japan. At 112 years and 344 days (as of February 12, 2020) Chitetsu Watanabe from the northern prefecture of Niigata was the oldest living man, said the Guinness Book of Records.

The oldest people come from Japan

The 1907-born recently received a certificate of his title in his retirement home in Joetsu. The previous title holder, who died at the end of January at the age of 113, also lived in Japan, as did the oldest living woman, who is now the oldest person on earth at 117.

Simple wisdom for a long life

Chitetsu Watanabe revealed the secret of his longevity according to the Guinness Book 2019 of a local newspaper: You shouldn't get angry and always keep a smile on your face. In the meantime, the pensioner is no longer as active as before, it said in the message. But up until last summer, he continued to do sports and math exercises every day and devoted himself to origami folding and calligraphy.

Watanabe lived a life of privation

As the firstborn of eight children, Watanabe can look back on a life that is sometimes full of work and deprivation. He attended an agricultural school, served the Japanese military in World War II, and then worked until retirement in the agricultural administration of his home in Niigata. Until old age, he provided his family with private fruit and vegetable growing. According to the Kyodo news agency, after five of her own children, twelve grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, there is now also a first great-great-grandchild. His 113th birthday is due on March 5, 2020. (vb: source: dpa)

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