Vaccination: Yes or No - This is how Germans stand for vaccination

Vaccination: Yes or No - This is how Germans stand for vaccination

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The majority of Germans support vaccinations

When it comes to vaccination, there are different opinions in Germany. While many people consider it essential for public health, some people worry about serious side effects or consider the forced vaccination process to be a physical injury. According to a recent survey by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), the majority of Germans are positive about vaccination.

Most doctors think vaccinations are important. Finally, high vaccination rates can prevent the spread of serious diseases. But how does the majority of Germans see that?

Around six percent of Germans are opponents of vaccination

According to a study, more people in Germany are in favor of vaccinations. In a representative survey by the BZgA, only six percent stated that they were “rather rejecting” or “rejecting” vaccinations.

77 percent, on the other hand, indicated that they were in favor of it, or that it was in full. The proportion of these people has increased in recent years, said the Federal Center. For comparison: in 2012 it was still 61 percent.

Around every fourth person is afraid of side effects

However, the study also found that just over a quarter (27 percent) of those surveyed said they had missed a vaccination in the past five years. 29 percent justified this with the fear of side effects. 21 percent have doubts about the protection of vaccination against a disease.

Parents are more positive about vaccinations

Basically, it was noticed that East Germans (87 percent) are significantly more likely to be vaccinated than West Germans (76 percent). The attitude of parents of children is also clearly positive. Four fifths can be counted among the supporters. "Almost all parents surveyed believe that their child should definitely be vaccinated against tetanus, polio, diphtheria, mumps and measles," says the study. "Few parents believe that side effects that require medical attention, or even permanent damage, often occur as a result of vaccinations."

The data for the study were collected in 2018. 5054 people aged between 16 and 85 were interviewed. (vb; source: dpa)

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