Note the time when taking medication

Note the time when taking medication

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When to take medication is crucial

Careless medication is not recommended. Many medications work very differently and it is therefore necessary to read the package leaflet carefully. There are medications that only work on an empty stomach, for example, and others only when accompanied by food.

Always observe the medication supplement

Take before eating, after eating, with eating: Such information can be found in many medications. Patients should pay attention to them, reports the journal Diabetes Ratgeber. Because there are concrete reasons for the information.

Effect of the medication depends on the time of day

For example, if tablets are taken before eating or on an empty stomach, active ingredients get into the intestine and thus into the blood more quickly. With some medicines, this is important so that they have an optimal effect. It is best to wait 30 to 60 minutes after taking this type of medication before you start eating.

Gentle gastric ingestion during the meal

By eating - on the other hand, actually means swallowing tablets between two bites or immediately afterwards. This input is recommended, for example, for medications that can damage the gastric mucosa. This can be prevented by mixing it with chyme. The tricky thing is to say after eating - often it is not possible to say exactly what it means - patients should therefore consult their doctor or pharmacy. (fm; source: dpa / tmn)

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