Treat back pain naturally - fascia training also possible without a role

Treat back pain naturally - fascia training also possible without a role

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Pain in the back or in the legs: fascia training works without a massage roller

According to experts, back pain in many cases originates from the fascia. These are connective tissue structures that run through the whole body. The so-called fascia training can help against the symptoms. A massage roller is often used, but the fascia can also be trained without a roller.

If movements cause pain and everything feels stiff, this can sometimes be due to the fascia. Because they want to be trained - luckily, a lot of money or time is not needed.

Fascia need regular training

Not only muscles and joints need regular training, but also the so-called fascia. These are structures made of connective tissue that can be found everywhere in the body and ensure mobility.

However, a lack of exercise or a monotonous strain can cause the fascia to harden, explains Prof. Ingo Froböse, head of the Institute for Exercise Therapy at the German Sport University Cologne, in a message from the news agency dpa.

If the fascia hardens, this is expressed by immobility or pain - in the back, in the legs or in the feet, for example.

A tennis ball is also suitable for massage

There are special roles for training the fascia, but it can also be done without. Froböse recommends, for example, a tennis ball to massage the foot fasciae.

And for training the back fascia, you can use a full water bottle, among other things: hold it standing and with both hands over your head.

Then you tense your abdominal muscles, let your arms swing between your legs and then quickly come back up. This is repeated six to eight times, then the same on both sides.

It is important not to exaggerate. According to Froböse, the fasciae don't like too much training. A few minutes, once or twice a week is enough. (ad, source: dpa / tmn)

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