Hypertension under 50: Test the heart risk online now

Hypertension under 50: Test the heart risk online now

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Young people can also develop hypertension

Hypertension is one of the most common diseases. Around two thirds of all people aged 65 and over have a medical diagnosis of high blood pressure. But younger people are also increasingly having high blood pressure. A new and simple online test now shows whether you yourself belong to the risk group.

The German Hypertension League recently provided a free online rapid test that people under the age of 50 can use to assess their risk of developing high blood pressure. The heart specialists want to contribute to the prevention of heart diseases because every second heart attack and stroke as well as every fifth kidney failure can be attributed to high blood pressure - regardless of age.

Hypertension has many faces

As the German Hypertension League reports, high blood pressure can have many different causes and can generally occur at any age. There are, for example, primary hypertension, secondary hypertension, white coat and masked hypertension as well as some special forms.

Hypertension does not only affect older people

By far the most common form is primary hypertension. More than 90 percent of hypertension patients are affected by this form. 20 to 30 million people in Germany suffer from it. The main risk factors are overweight, stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, genetic predisposition and hormones. Even though most of those affected are over 50 years old, around one in ten 30-year-olds has high blood pressure.

Unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk

Younger people in particular, who have an unhealthy lifestyle for a long period of time, develop over time, often unrecognized and untreated primary arterial hypertension. According to the German Hypertension League, this can cause serious damage to various organs early in life.

What information can be used to determine the risk?

The team around Professor Dr. Martin Middeke from the Hypertension Center Munich therefore developed a quick and easy online test with which everyone can anonymously assess their risk of high blood pressure. To calculate the risk, information must be provided

  • to gender,
  • the living situation,
  • to cases of hypertension in the family,
  • to body weight,
  • on smoking status,
  • about cholesterol levels,
  • about the frequency and intensity of physical activity,
  • on professional stress,
  • about present depression and
  • about the degree of exhaustion.

What does the test say?

The information gives points between 0 and 300. At low risk (below 50 points), a healthy lifestyle should be maintained and blood pressure checked occasionally. If the risk is moderate (50 to 99 points), blood pressure should be checked more often and possible risk factors should be reduced. If the value is between 100 and 200 points, there is a high risk of hypertension. A change in lifestyle is strongly recommended here. With a very high risk of over 200 points, a comprehensive lifestyle change and consistent blood pressure control is urgently necessary in the opinion of the German Hypertension League. (vb)

Click here for the test: Hypertension risk test of the German Hypertension League.

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