Painful joints: This diet can help against arthritis

Painful joints: This diet can help against arthritis

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Fight arthritis with the right foods

Millions of people worldwide suffer from arthritis. For the disease, drugs are usually used that, in addition to pain relief, have the important function of preventing permanent damage to the joints or at least slowing them down. Proper nutrition can also help alleviate the symptoms.

"When it comes to nutrition and arthritis, opposites collide," wrote the Rheumaliga Switzerland on its website. On the one hand, rheumatologists defend drug therapy and approach the topic of nutrition with great reluctance, rejection or lack of interest. Holistically-oriented doctors and therapists, on the other hand, "see a change in diet as a drug-free alternative to the treatment of chronic inflammation and pursue the goal of reducing the need for medication through an anti-inflammatory diet," explains the non-profit health organization. Dr. John Davis III, a rheumatologist at the renowned Mayo Clinic (USA), explains in an article what nutrition can help arthritis sufferers.

Expert advises on Mediterranean food

Can avoiding foods like potato chips and pizza relieve arthritis pain? Possibly because: "Some foods can increase the degree of inflammation and contribute to symptoms of arthritis, especially fatty foods - simple sugars or carbohydrates, a lot of salt or salty food," says Dr. Davis. Such symptoms can include swollen and painful joints, malaise and pain.

"Arthritis refers to a number of diseases that cause inflammation in the joints," explains the internist, who points out that medication can relieve joint pain, but also exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and paying attention to the foods consumed play an important role.

"Even a small amount of weight loss can reduce the total inflammation in the body, which can have overall benefits," says Dr. Add more fruits and vegetables, healthy fats like olive oil and nuts, whole grains and fish to your diet. These foods are said to relieve inflammation and help with pain. "The Mediterranean diet - or anti-inflammatory diet - is a concept that you should consider if you have symptoms of arthritis," advises Dr. (ad)

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