Nuts slow down weight gain and protect against heart disease

Nuts slow down weight gain and protect against heart disease

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How to gain less weight in old age with nuts?

Nuts seem to be an easy way to stay slim and slow weight gain as you age. In addition, eating nuts also protects against heart diseases.

The latest study by the internationally renowned Harvard University found that nuts can be very helpful in healthy weight management. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health".

Unhealthy snacks should be replaced with nuts

Replacing an unhealthy snack with half a daily serving of nuts can slow down the weight gain that occurs with age. People ingesting some kind of nuts were associated with lower long-term weight gain and a reduced risk of obesity. The consumption of walnuts in particular led to positive results and was associated with a 15 percent lower risk of obesity, the researchers report.

How many people took part in the study?

The researchers conducted a long-term study in which over 51,000 male medical professionals aged 40 to 75, over 121,000 nurses aged 35 to 55 and over 160,000 nurses aged 24 to 44 participated. The weight of the participants was measured every four years. In addition, they were asked how often they had consumed a portion of nuts (28g) and every two years the participants had to report on their sporting activity.

Less weight gain from consuming nuts

The research group found that an increase in nut consumption by half a serving per day was associated with a lower risk of gaining two or more kilograms over a four-year period. The study considered changes in diet and lifestyle, including exercise and alcohol consumption. However, since it was only an observational study, no exact cause could be determined.

Why are nuts healthy?

Nuts contain many vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy unsaturated fats. The consumption of nuts has been associated with better heart health for a long time. For example, a study published earlier by Harvard University found that if a serving of red meat was replaced by one serving of nuts a day, the risk of heart disease would decrease by 30 percent. (as)

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