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The best home remedies for pimples

The best home remedies for pimples

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Home remedies for pimples and blemished skin

Pimples are not a purely cosmetic problem, they can also cause unpleasant symptoms such as itching or pain. In different forms, pimples appear everywhere on the body, but most often on the face and back. Various home remedies can be used to get rid of the annoying blemishes. In the case of severe pain and significant inflammation with pus or discharge, dermatological advice should be obtained beforehand in order to rule out diseases requiring treatment, such as shingles, scabies or psoriasis (psoriasis).

Home remedies for pimples for external use

You can apply envelopes with healing clay directly to the pimples. Healing earth inhibits pimple formation and absorbs toxins and inflammation products. An old home remedy is tea bags, e.g. with chamomile flowers that are placed directly on the skin or dabbed.

The juice of aloe is an effective remedy for all skin diseases. In the case of acne and blemished skin, pure aloe juice, which is applied thinly to the skin in the evening and left there overnight, should already have an effect after one week. Internal use can further enhance healing.

For oily skin, pimples and blackheads, a natural facial tonic should have a clarifying and cleansing effect: To make the old home remedy, the juice of one lemon and one orange is mixed with a little medicinal water and used as a facial tonic every day for four weeks.

Daisies have an anti-inflammatory effect and can be processed into a skin tincture at home. To do this, collect about 100 daisies, pluck the heads and place them in 100ml of 40 percent alcohol for three to four weeks. The tincture can then be dabbed directly on the pimples to inhibit inflammation.

Zinc ointment can be used to dry out pimples. The active ingredient zinc oxide is responsible for this. In addition, many zinc ointments contain ingredients such as vitamin A or cod liver oil. While vitamin A helps to rebuild damaged tissue, cod liver oil provides the skin with vitamins E, A and D. Because of its antiseptic effect, zinc oxide can prevent pimples from becoming inflamed and festering.

Some people swear by toothpaste to dry out inflamed pimples. For this, some toothpaste is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin and left to act overnight. The active ingredient sodium dodecyl polysulfate, which is also contained in some commercial care products and removes fat from the skin, is primarily responsible for the drying effect.

Tea tree oil helps against pimples

Another effective home remedy for acne is tea tree oil, which is obtained by distillation from the leaves of the tea tree. Basically, its antiseptic and bactericidal activity is based on the main ingredient terpinen-4-ol.

If the skin is littered with pimples, a few drops can be put on a damp washcloth and carefully dab the whole face with it. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist before using it for the first time. Undiluted tea tree oil should only be used to treat individual inflammations, as it is quite aggressive. To do this, it is enough to put one or two drops on a cotton swab and, after a thorough facial cleansing, gently dab it on.

Bach flowers and Schuessler salts for blemished skin

Bach flowers are mainly selected according to moods. However, every mental sensation has a correspondence on the body level, so that there are certain Bach flowers that are recommended for blemished skin and pimples. Crab apple, the "cleaning flower", should be considered in a mixture. Impatiens is indicated when there is inflammation and redness. If hormonal influences are in the foreground, such as puberty acne, Cherry Plum and Rock Rose should be shortlisted. If the pimples heal, you should consider using rescue ointment, not least to avoid unsightly scars.

Another proven remedy from the field of alternative medicine are Schüssler salts. One of the most important salts in the treatment of acne is sodium phosphoricum (No. 9), which regulates the fat and acid balance and is therefore considered the “salt of metabolism”. The detoxifying effect also relieves skin problems, whereby it has proven particularly useful as a home remedy for oily skin and acne. For inflamed pimples that are accompanied by redness, swelling and itching, alternative practitioners often recommend salt No. 3 (Ferrum phosphoricum). If the blemishes primarily appear on the forehead, chest and back, Silicea (No. 11) can help. Uncomfortable pimples on the butt can be treated with salt No. 6 (potassium sulfuricum).

Apple cider vinegar for internal and external use

Apple cider vinegar is also one of the tried and tested home remedies. It has an antibacterial effect and is also said to contribute to detoxification. The fruit acid contained constricts the pores and refines the complexion. Apple cider vinegar is therefore suitable for cleaning, relieving inflammation and promoting a fine-pored complexion.

The greatest effect can be achieved with apple cider vinegar if you drink it. It boosts the metabolism and ensures that toxins are washed out more effectively. To do this, put one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass and then drink the vinegar drink. With daily intake, a positive effect already appears after a few weeks.

Applied externally, apple cider vinegar is used in bath water, for example. In this way, blemishes on the body can be gently combated. The warmth of the bath water causes the skin pores to open, so that the active ingredients in apple cider vinegar are absorbed particularly effectively. Steam baths with apple cider vinegar have a similar effect for the treatment of the facial skin, for which five to six tablespoons are poured into half a liter of very hot water. The steam bath should last ten to 15 minutes.

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Herbal teas against pimples

In addition to locally applicable home remedies for skin imperfections, general measures to remove toxins are recommended in naturopathy. This is based on the assumption that toxins are removed from the body in the form of pimples through the skin. This detoxification can be supported with herbal teas:

Medicinal herbs with blood purifying, detoxifying, draining and metabolism-improving effects are used against pimples and other skin diseases.

For a skin tea you mix
  • 25 grams of chamomile flowers,
  • 25 grams of yarrow,
  • 20 grams of mercury rhizome,
  • 15 grams of walnut leaves
  • and 15 grams of waiting root.

An infusion is made from two teaspoons of the herbs and 0.25 liters of hot water and should take about 10 minutes. It is recommended to drink three cups of this tea daily for four weeks. During the tea cure, it is advisable to drink plenty of water.

The pansy is recommended to treat blemished skin. For a tea, pour 0.25 liters of boiling water over two teaspoons of pansy herb. After ten minutes, the liquid is strained and the tea is drunk. A multi-week tea cure with one cup each in the morning and evening is recommended, as well as external use with envelopes.

Diet for pimple problems

When it comes to diet, fresh, natural foods, especially salads and vegetables, are preferable. Finished products with dyes and preservatives are suspected of being used to reinforce pimples and blackheads, as are sweets, high-salt and very greasy meals. It is advisable to keep a nutritional protocol, with which everyone can create an individual profile with improving and aggravating foods.

Furthermore, it is generally advised to avoid nicotine and alcohol, if possible, to relieve the (skin) metabolism. On the other hand, sufficient sleep, fresh air and light sunbathing should have a positive effect.

The skin as a mirror of the soul: stress pimples

In addition to improper nutrition, stress is often responsible for acne in adults. Because under stress, the body releases hormones that cause the skin to produce more sebum and thus promote pimples and blackheads. Those who are prone to skin problems in the event of anger, conflict, fear or tension should therefore try to use relaxation exercises to provide more relaxation and inner peace. Here, for example, yoga, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson or meditation are available. (ag, no)

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