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The best home remedies for flatulence

The best home remedies for flatulence

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You can treat bloating yourself with these home remedies

Home remedies can help with gas and bloating. These are usually accompanied by abdominal pain, belching, and waning winds. In the case of constantly severe or persistent symptoms, a doctor or alternative practitioner should be consulted to rule out serious causes or to take therapeutic measures. In most cases, flatulence is an unpleasant expression of an indigestion, which can be alleviated or remedied with home remedies from naturopathy.

Fast help for flatulence: the right nutrition

Proper nutrition can reduce flatulence. Avoid finished products and bulky foods such as onions, cabbage, legumes or fresh bread. Foods that contain refined sugar or are very high in fiber can increase flatulence. A gradual transition to a wholesome diet is therefore more suitable than an abrupt change. In the meantime, the use of digestive herbs and spices is helpful:

  • Chamomile,
  • Melissa,
  • Peppermint,
  • Anise,
  • Caraway seed,
  • Fennel,
  • coriander
  • and cardamom can be processed in a variety of ways in the kitchen.

Cardamom seeds, for example, can be peeled and chewed directly from the capsule, poured with hot (not boiling) water or used in cooking.

Conscious eating prevents bloated stomach

In order to avoid the belly, certain rules must be followed when eating. So you should eat in peace at fixed times and chew the food extensively (flickering). About half an hour before, during, and another half an hour after eating, you should avoid drinks of any kind. Avoid clothing that is too tight, which only increases the pressure on the stomach, and do not suppress the urge to stool, outgoing air or belching.

A gentle massage of the stomach can be very beneficial. Care should be taken here to massage clockwise around the navel. This is how the movements of the intestine for mixing and conveying the food (intestinal motor function) are supported, so that stuck gases can escape more easily.

Four-wind tea for flatulence

The four-wind tea according to Rudolph Fritz Weiss' recipe is recommended as a tea preparation. Because the medicinal herbs contained therein have a strong debulking and at the same time anticonvulsant and are therefore particularly helpful for flatulence. It is advisable to have the ingredients for tea in every home and kitchen pharmacy.

Caraway seeds, fennel seeds, horse mint leaves and chamomile flowers are mixed in equal parts and one or two teaspoons are poured with a quarter liter of boiling water. After five to ten minutes, the tea has drawn enough and can be passed through a small sieve. Drink two to three cups a day until there is improvement.

Bitter substances in flatulence

The use of bitter substances is often successful in the case of flatulence, which is due to poor digestive health. The little Swedish bitters by Maria Treben as well as the following angel liqueur are easy to produce and have an anti-swelling effect:

For the Angelica liqueur crush 60g angelica seeds, 8g anise seeds, 8g fennel seeds and 6g coriander seeds together to a fine powder. The powder is prepared (as desired) with 220 ml of brandy or grain for eight days and then enriched with one liter of water and 500 g of fructose. After another day, strain the liquid through a cloth or fine-mesh sieve.

Schuessler salts for spasmodic flatulence

Another effective home remedy for bloating and flatulence are Schüssler salts. If there has already been cramp-like pain in the bloated abdomen, the "hot seven" with its antispasmodic properties can provide relief. 10 tablets of salt no.7, Magnesium phosphoricum, dissolved in a glass of boiling water and drunk as hot as possible in small sips. Pregnant women can also enjoy this mixture without worry. You should only make sure that the carrier of the agent (milk sugar, potato starch) is well tolerated. Otherwise you should switch to drops or globules.

Natural treatment with homeopathy

Homeopathy offers, among other things, "Nux vomica" (vomiting nut) for a bloated stomach. In low doses, this remedy has a diuretic and digestive effect. In high doses, however, it is poisonous, as the crow nut is one of the strychnos plants and therefore contains strychnine. For homeopathic use, the dried seeds are only used in a very diluted form and do not pose any danger. Nux vomica is especially recommended if the flatulence occurs after heavy, sumptuous eating and alcohol consumption and is accompanied by nausea, bloating and stomach pain.

If gastric pressure occurs parallel to the flatulence, frequent belching, an uncomfortable lump in the throat, shortness of breath and severe mood changes, Asa foetida can help. Mandragora e radice (also called "mandrake root") has proven itself when flatulence is accompanied by a feeling of fullness, stomach pain (after eating) and nighttime stomach cramps. This is especially true if the patient does not tolerate fatty and sweet foods as well as stimulants and has light bowel movements.

Other homeopathic remedies include Argentum nitricum, Carbo vegetabilis, Dioscorea villosa and Colchicum are used. Which remedy and in what potency is the right one in an individual case should be clarified in a conversation with a naturopath or naturopathic doctor.

Moist hot body wraps with a bloated belly

With acute complaints, heat has a relaxing effect and thus relieves pain. The classic hot water bottle, grain pillow or hot, wet body wraps that are placed on the bloated stomach have proven their worth. For the three-layer wrap you need an inner cloth made of linen, a middle cloth made of linen or cotton and an outer cloth made of terry cloth or wool. It is best to have the wrap put on by a helping person.

The inner cloth is soaked in hot water, wrung out a little and wrapped around the body of the person concerned from the armpits to the pubic area. Then place a hot water bottle at stomach height and wrap the middle cloth and the outer cloth around it. A second hot water bottle should now be prepared for the feet. After an hour with the moist hot wrap, you should rest for another 30 minutes. (jvs, nr)

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