Recall: Beer can contain detergents

Recall: Beer can contain detergents

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Sold at Rewe: Brewery calls back beer - it may contain cleaning agent residues

The company Franken Bräu, Lorenz Bauer GmbH & Co KG, has started a recall for the product "Franken Bräu Pilsener" with a clip. According to the brewery, it cannot be ruled out that there are cleaning agent residues in the beer sold at Rewe.

Franken Bräu - Lorenz Bauer GmbH & Co KG from Neundorf in the Franconian Forest is calling back the “Franken Bräu Pilsener” beer in bottles with a swing top because there may be residues of cleaning agents in it.

Health risks cannot be excluded

As Rewe Markt GmbH reports on its website, bottles with an expiration date of 05.05.2020 are affected by the recall. According to the brewery, “due to a technical defect in a control facility at the Franken Bräu bottling plant” it cannot be ruled out that “there will be residues of detergent (lye) in the bottles on this bottling date”. According to the information, a "health hazard and severe taste impairment cannot be excluded." The recalled goods will be replaced in the respective market, by the supplier or directly at Franken Bräu.

Unpleasant mucosal damage

Even the intake of small amounts is a health hazard for some cleaning agents, especially for older people, since the mucous membranes of the esophagus, stomach and intestines are no longer so resistant to harmful substances. Damage to the mucous membranes in the area of ​​the mouth, esophagus and stomach can be very painful and uncomfortable for those affected and may need medical attention. (ad)

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