Lose weight: Successful weight loss through intermittent fasting!

Lose weight: Successful weight loss through intermittent fasting!

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Weight loss through intermittent fasting?

Many people are looking for ways to maintain a healthy weight or to lose weight. Researchers have now found that intermittent fasting is a good option here. Appetite is reduced and fasting effectively contributes to weight loss.

The latest Louisiana State University study found that eating limited-time meals can help you lose weight. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "Obesity".

Just six hours of food a day?

During the examination, the participants ate their food over a period of six hours, with the last meal being consumed at 2 p.m. It was found that the participants' hunger was reduced and more fat burned. Earlier studies had shown that fasting helps people lose weight by burning more calories. However, current research suggests that limited-time eating mainly helps people eat less.

Temporary food intake reduces appetite

Coordinating meals with your body's daily rhythm or internal clock can be an effective strategy to reduce appetite and improve metabolic health, the authors of the current study explain. The majority of people find strategies aimed at eating time to lose weight or maintain their weight very helpful. Intermittent fasting can curb appetite, causing people to eat less.

Impact of time-limited food consumption

The results of the study indicate that the group of participants who ate the last meal at 2 p.m. had lower ghrelin levels. The researchers also found that the dietary strategy helped participants switch between burning carbohydrates for energy and burning fat for energy, although this had no significant impact on how many calories burned.

Intuitive food should be the goal

Eating only six hours a day is an extreme version of intermittent fasting. Another popular method is called 16: 8. You fast for 16 hours and eat food eight hours a day. While you need to be aware of the intermittent fasting of the periods at first, the ultimate goal is to no longer focus on the time of day and fasting, but simply to learn when you are really hungry. For example, on some days hunger can set in after twelve hours, on some days it may take twenty hours. This depends on many variables such as sleep, activity level and calorie intake over the week, the researchers explain. The ultimate goal should ultimately be a step towards intuitive eating. (as)

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