Meditation as medicine: Meditation successfully helps against pain, depression and high blood pressure

Meditation as medicine: Meditation successfully helps against pain, depression and high blood pressure

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Meditation can help with numerous illnesses

In Far Eastern culture, our thoughts are often described as a roaming monkey that is constantly on the move and hops from tree to tree. This "monkey spirit" should be soothed and tamed with meditation exercises. Emotions such as fear, anger, tension and stress can be controlled in this way. But meditation can direct more than just emotions. It can help with numerous illnesses and health complaints, as one expert reports.

The Mayo Clinic is one of the most renowned hospitals in America. The clinic has long recognized the healing potential of meditation and integrated it into everyday hospital life. Fitness expert Maria Caselli reports how meditation can help with numerous, sometimes serious illnesses.

Meditation deserves a chance

In this country, meditation is still viewed with mixed feelings. For some it is esoteric bells and whistles, for others it is part of a philosophy of life. Regardless of whether there are deeper reasons behind it or not: From a health perspective, meditation is a relaxation exercise with numerous positive effects on health, which should be given a chance. Because the exercises can be used almost anywhere, with little effort and at no cost.

Meditation can help with everyday problems

Stress, fear, lack of sleep, physical and mental stress - such problems drag many people around with them every day. Although stress is a risk factor for numerous diseases, it is often accepted and endured. Meditation offers a simple practice that can help alleviate such harmful permanent conditions.

First results can be seen quickly

Caselli, who runs the meditation group at the Mayo Clinic, describes the first reactions to meditation as follows: “People quickly notice that after meditation they have a better mood, that they sleep better and that they have better memory and better concentration just a few minutes a day are enough to relieve stress.

Regular meditations can reduce serious illnesses

According to Caselli, anyone who regularly uses the focused concentration exercises can also help combat serious illnesses. "The heart rate drops, the breathing rate drops, the body begins to repair and initiates a self-healing process," said the meditation expert.

Everyone can learn meditation

Although the roots of treatment through meditation lie in Buddhism, they do not need to be religious for treatment. It is not necessary to believe in anything specific or to sing in a foreign language in order to be successful in treatment.

Proven application

Caselli knows from everyday hospital life how positive meditation exercises have an impact on patients. The relaxation techniques are said to help with numerous complaints such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression, heart diseases, sleep disorders and high blood pressure. In addition, meditation serves to relieve stress and thus prevent all illnesses associated with stress. If you want to try a meditation, you can use numerous free online offers and apps. (vb)

Scientifically proven effect

The positive effects of meditation have already been proven by numerous studies. For more information, see the following articles:

  • Study: A short meditation significantly increases mental performance.
  • Depression: Meditation is a safe alternative to antidepressants.
  • Meditation can be effective in relieving stress.
  • Meditation and mindfulness exercises alleviate diabetes.
  • Study: Meditation helps you fall asleep.

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