"High time": Minister of Health calls for TBE vaccination

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Tick ​​bites: Minister of Health calls for vaccination against TBE

Last year, the number of early summer meningoencephalitis diseases reached a new high since the introduction of mandatory reporting. The disease is transmitted by ticks. Bavaria's health minister is now calling for TBE vaccination. According to the expert, it was "high time" for this.

The number of diseases has increased

The number of early summer meningoencephalitis diseases increased again last year. In 2018, a total of 583 TBE cases, almost 100 more diseases than in the previous year (2017: 486), were reported to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Germany. According to a message from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), this is the highest number of TBE cases since the introduction of mandatory reporting in 2001. The infectious disease is transmitted by ticks. Above all, people who live in risky prayers or want to travel there should get vaccinated. It is now "high time" for this, says Bavaria's Minister of Health.

"High time for a vaccination"

Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml has called for protection against tick-borne early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE).

“It is high time for a vaccination. TBE is not a trifle. Because the result can be inflammation of the meninges, brain or spinal cord, ”said the minister, according to a message.

“The disease can be particularly severe in older people. But children are also at risk, ”said the politician, who is a trained doctor.

In addition to vaccination, it is worthwhile to follow some tips for protection against ticks.

For example, experts advise putting your pants in your socks when you are out in the undergrowth and wearing long-sleeved clothing. In addition, special insect sprays can keep the little animals away.

More and more regions are declared risk areas
Bavaria's Minister of Health pointed out that there have been 26 TBE cases in the Free State so far this year (data status: June 3, 2019).

According to the information, this is one case less than in the same period last year. A total of 224 FSME cases for 2018 in Bavaria have been reported to the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL). The previous year there were 234 cases.

More and more regions have been declared a TBE risk area since the notification of TBE diseases in 2001 based on the Infection Protection Act.

In Germany, there is a risk of TBE infections, particularly in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and southern Hesse, as well as in southeastern Thuringia and Saxony.

RKI has already declared 91 of 96 Bavarian counties and independent cities to be TBE risk areas.

The districts of Dillingen an der Donau and Fürstenfeldbruck as well as the cities of Augsburg, Munich and Schweinfurt are currently considered non-risk areas.

No vaccination helps against Lyme disease
"In addition to TBE, ticks can also transmit the infectious disease Lyme disease," explained Huml.

"With her, painful nerve infections can still occur weeks to months after the sting," says the expert.

This year, 690 cases of Lyme disease have been reported to the LGL. In the same period last year there were 645 Lyme disease cases.

There is no vaccination against Lyme disease, but the disease can usually be treated well with antibiotics. "The sooner this happens, the better it is," said the Minister. (ad)

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