Squeeze bags with fruit puree for small children: Rather unhealthy!

Squeeze bags with fruit puree for small children: Rather unhealthy!

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Squeezers for babies and toddlers: practical but not a good idea

Sounds good at first: Babies and small children who do not like to eat fruit so much, press a squeeze bag with fruit puree in their hands and have ticked off the topic. Unfortunately, no.

Fruit contains many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, but not all children love fruit and many parents shy away from the conflict. So why not buy a trendy "squeeze", screw it on, done? The German Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine recently advised against squeezing bags for babies in its statement.

Various types of fruit purees are packed in plastic bags with screw caps for squeezers. They are well received by children, even small fruit muffins. The design is often fun with bright colors and the bags can be easily carried in your pocket. This makes them ideal for on the go.

Homemade fruit porridge or from the glass is no more valuable than a pure fruit puree from the squeeze bag in the nutritional comparison. Still, fruit porridge has advantages. Children learn to eat from or with a spoon and are not provided with food on the side. You turn to the child, talk to him and pay attention to him. This is important for good development. The children also see what they eat. The squeeze bag, on the other hand, shows neither the children nor the parents what it contains. A little older children can only get to know different types of fruit and their different colors and flavors if they can also see the fruit puree.

Pediatricians also believe that the squeeze bags do not do well when it comes to dental health. “Squeeze bags are extremely popular with mothers and children. The longer sucking on the bags is a caries enhancer, because the fructose attacks the sensitive milk teeth. Many parents are not aware of this, ”says Professor Berthold Koletzko, an expert in the Healthy Living Network. In addition, from the first year of life, eating soft, fresh fruit trains the chewing muscles with the first teeth. The oral motor skills are promoted by the strain on the chewing muscles. This encourages children to learn to speak. This effect does not occur when sucking pureed fruit.

Then there is the price: pinchies are twice as expensive as a glass and about four to five times more expensive than an apple. Last but not least: Fresh fruit can be bought unpacked, thus avoiding a lot of packaging waste. Britta Klein, respectively

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