Does the saddle damage the prostate when cycling?

Does the saddle damage the prostate when cycling?

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Can cycling make you impotent? Does the prostate suffer?

Can long bicycles on a saddle affect or even damage the prostate? Many men are familiar with the phenomenon that it hurts between the legs after a long bike ride. Many fear that the prostate could be affected or that the donkey could even cause testicular cancer. We asked a renowned urologist.

Almost every German uses the bike every now and then. However, many men are familiar with the problem that the genitals fall asleep after longer tours. Such temporary feelings of numbness do not harm masculinity, as Uro GmbH Nordrhein, an association of resident urologists, points out.

Numbness between the legs after cycling

"These feelings of numbness after long cycling on hard saddles are caused by a pinched pelvic nerve," explains urologist Dr. Reinhold Schaefer from Uro-GmbH North Rhine. "If the tingling sensation is ignored, it feels paralyzed." However, this is not a real problem, because these symptoms usually disappear after the nerve has been relieved. Even those who already have problems with the prostate can pedal without worry. At least if you follow a few, few rules. Soft-sprung saddles are generally recommended for men in the genital area. Also take breaks on longer tours so that the heat generated during cycling disappears in the pool area.

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Also prefer to drive in smaller gears, that reduces the pressure between the genitals and saddle. The best thing to buy is a wide leather saddle, rubbed with leather grease from below and heated in the oven at 50 ° C for one night. Mount the still warm saddle on the bike and ride at least 20 km. Then the saddle took on the ideal body shape of the rider and you never had problems again.

No association between cycling and testicular cancer

Is there a link between cycling and testicular cancer? "No not at all. Cycling definitely has nothing to do with testicular cancer. However, the example of Ivan Basso shows that cyclists are at greater risk of falling and injuring themselves if they have testicular cancer in the first place. ”Otherwise, the connection between cycling and the disease is rather the reverse: exercise is a so-called protective factor that protects thus from cancer.

The rumor also persists that cycling makes you impotent. However, urologists also contradict this frequently expressed assumption. Even those who cycle a lot and for a long time do not suffer any damage.

Sometimes urologists recommend their patients to do without cycling for a short time. This is usually related to an upcoming blood draw to determine PSA, an important parameter for the early detection of prostate diseases. The PSA level in the blood increases briefly due to cycling and falsifies the result. “Cycling is one of the healthiest sports and trains almost all muscle groups,” concludes Dr. Shepherd. "It doesn't make you impotent." (Sb, pm)

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