Lose weight easily with these negative calorie foods?

Negative calorie foods - myth or truth?

Foods such as celery are said to burn more calories when consumed than the food itself actually has. This effect is caused by the fact that a higher amount of calories is consumed in the digestion than the food contains. Is this a diet myth or a tried and true means of losing weight, eating negative calorie foods.

Scientists from the University of Alabama have investigated the myth in a recent study. Their results were published in the English-language journal BioRxiv.

The delusion of fibrous foods

Many dietitians theorize that fibrous foods such as celery, lettuce, grapefruit, cucumber, and broccoli burn more calories during digestion than they actually have.


Although experts advise using this weight loss strategy, University of Alabama researchers have now used a scientific animal study to clarify that eating celery does not burn more calories than the actual food actually has. Negative-calorie foods that burn more calories during digestion than they actually deliver remain a myth.

Past publications

In the past, the Academy of Nutrition & Dietics already exposed the idea of ​​foods with negative calorie intake in a publication on the topic of metabolism. Basically, the body is quite efficient at digesting food. In fact, you only consume about 5 to 15 percent of your daily calories to digest meals. Eating celery does not mean that you are experiencing a calorie deficit.


In the end, the result of the study should not mean that you should no longer eat fibrous foods. On the contrary, it is more advisable to change the diet and integrate a lot of fruits and vegetables. (fm)

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