Start of the flu season: How to reduce the risk of infection

Start of the flu season: How to reduce the risk of infection

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Influenza: It is not too late for the flu shot

According to experts, the last flu season was particularly difficult and led to around nine million visits to the doctor. Almost 60,000 patients had to be hospitalized in clinics. At the start of this year's influenza season, experts advise risk groups in particular to consider vaccination now.

Particularly difficult course

The flu season last winter was particularly difficult and led to around nine million visits to the doctor. Over 330,000 influenza virus-confirmed flu cases were reported at the time. Almost 60,000 people had to be hospitalized in hospitals. The infection was fatal in 1,665 people. Health experts advise that those who do not want to take unnecessary risks in the current season should take advantage of protection options and get vaccinated. Legally insured people are now legally entitled to a quadruple flu vaccine.

Risk groups should consider vaccination

At the start of the influenza season, Barmer health insurance advises risk groups in particular to consider vaccination.

"It's not too late for a flu shot," said Dr. Ursula Marschall, chief medical officer at Barmer in a message.

“Vaccination can be very useful, especially for people at risk, such as chronically ill people with a weak immune system, the elderly or pregnant women. If you are unsure, you should quickly ask your doctor, ”said the expert.

The health insurance covers the costs of the vaccination. According to the information, it takes about two weeks after the immunization for the vaccination protection to be established.

According to this, the risk of influenza is significantly lower, although not completely excluded.

Keep away from sick people

In order to protect yourself from a flu infection, you should take a few small tips to heart in the coming weeks.

"Since the flu virus spreads mainly through coughing and sneezing, it is advisable to keep one and a half to two meters away from the sick," said Marschall.

In order to avoid indirect transmission, you should wash your hands regularly and touch your face as little as possible.

Finally, one could come into contact with the virus by greeting a sick person with a handshake or touching an object that they had previously touched.

“Regular hand washing is also important to avoid influenza because a person can be contagious when he shows no symptoms,” says Marschall.

Sometimes symptoms hardly differ

Often, patients are not sure whether they have the flu or a cold.

As the health insurance company announced, influenza begins very suddenly. Affected people usually feel significantly sicker within a few hours than with a cold.

In addition, they often suffered from dry cough, severe headache, limb and muscle pain and high fever.

“It depends on the immune system how strongly you react to influenza. Therefore, it can also happen that the symptoms hardly differ from a cold. If in doubt, you should always go to the doctor, ”said Marshal. (ad)

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