Expiration date exceeded? Dairy products do not have to be disposed of immediately

Expiration date exceeded? Dairy products do not have to be disposed of immediately

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Dairy products do not necessarily have to go straight to the bin

"Smell me! Try me! ”Packaging of dairy products has recently been asking consumers at ALDI Süd after the best-before date has passed. In around 400 ALDI branches in southern Germany, a new path is to be taken to encourage consumers to be more sustainable. Because dairy products can often be kept for much longer than the best before date.

Many consumers throw away good food out of uncertainty because the stated best before date has passed. In order to increase the appreciation for food, ALDI SÜD prints the note “Smell me! Try me! I am often good for longer! ”On various dairy products in order to encourage customers to carry out their own health check.

More sustainability through appreciation

ALDI has been testing the imprints on milk packaging since the beginning of the year. The group recently checked the effectiveness of this campaign in a consumer survey. "The test showed that our customers perceive the information and, above all, adapt their behavior accordingly," reports Dr. Julia Adou from ALDI Süd in a press release on the campaign. According to ALDI, around 12 percent of consumers were encouraged to use the information to pay more attention to external factors such as smell or taste than the printed best-before date.

Campaign is expanding

Following the success of milk, ALDI now wants to expand the campaign to include different types of cheese. Here, too, consumers should be asked to rely more on their sense of smell and taste when checking their shelf life. (vb)

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