Lose weight: brown rice instead of white makes you slimmer

Lose weight: brown rice instead of white makes you slimmer

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Why it is better to use the brown rice variant

Rice is not only popular in Asian countries, the Far Eastern side dish is also often served in Germany. The tasty grains are available in numerous variations - from basmati, jasmine and risotto to whole grains. But do all varieties have the same ingredients? No, say Japanese researchers. In a nutritional study, they found that brown rice leads to more weight loss than white varieties.

A research group from Nagoya Women’s University, Kagawa Nutrition University and the University of Niigata Prefecture investigated whether whole grain or natural rice is more suitable for weight loss than white rice varieties such as basmati or jasmine in the course of the worldwide increase in obesity. In fact, it was found that the subjects who ate brown rice lost an average of at least three kilos more than the group who ate white rice varieties. The study results were recently published in the specialist journal "Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism".

Simple weight loss trick: Use brown instead of white rice

The researchers divided 437 employees from a Japanese factory into two groups. One group received brown rice at their daily meal in the canteen, the other group received white rice. The weight of the employees was checked in regular routine examinations. Within a year, the employees who ate the brown rice lost an average of three kilograms more than the group who ate white rice. The research group comes to the conclusion that brown rice is more suitable for reducing obesity than white rice.

Dietary fiber provides longer satiety

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 100 grams of cooked white rice contains 130 calories, compared to 123 calories for brown varieties. It is much more important, however, that the natural varieties contain significantly more fiber. White cooked rice contains only 0.4 grams of fiber, whereas brown rice with 1.6 grams can have four times as much fiber. The fibers cause a long-lasting satiety and also help to lower or not increase the blood sugar, which means that the body also receives fewer signals to store fat.

Brown rice is ahead

Although rice is generally suitable for a healthy diet, there is a lot to suggest that brown rice appears to be the healthier choice. If you like white rice and want to lose weight, you should think about switching to the brown varieties. Even those who are planning a rice diet or a rice cure known from traditional Chinese medicine should choose the whole grain variant, because in addition to the fiber mentioned, the brown varieties also contain more potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. (vb)

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