Laughter is the best medicine - humor helps reduce stress

Laughter is the best medicine - humor helps reduce stress

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More laughter: humor in the workplace helps to deal better with stress

Laughter is healthy and affects body and soul. According to experts, among other things, it can help to strengthen the immune system, release happiness hormones, prevent diseases and help against pain. Laughter is also ideal for reducing stress. This is especially true in the case of work stress.

Dealing better with aggression and stressful situations

"Humor is when you laugh anyway": this old saying also applies in the workplace in situations in which many may not feel like laughing. As the Australian-New Zealand University Association / Ranke-Heinemann Institute now reports, scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have found that a little humor at work can help to better deal with aggression and stressful situations. The research results were published in the business and psychology journal.

Common problems

Workplace stress can make you sick.

According to experts, constant pressure, excessive demands and conflicts with superiors or colleagues can lead to mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or sleep disorders.

Aggressive behavior and bullying at work are also common problems that affect victims' mental health, like Dr. David Cheng from the ANU College of Business and Economics said.

Laughter can help in stressful situations

The research results of Dr. Cheng and his colleagues now show that humor can reduce the negative impact of aggressive behavior towards other employees.

"While avoiding inappropriate behavior in the workplace, such as aggressiveness, is of course the best solution, our study shows that laughing can help in stressful situations," said the study author.

For the study, the subjects were first subjected to a simulation in which they were aggressively shouted at by a colleague. Subsequently, either a funny or a non-funny video was played to the participants.

"The experiment shows that funny stimuli can be helpful for people who are exposed to aggressive behavior," said Dr. Cheng.

“Humor improves the victim's psychological wellbeing by giving them a new sense of strength. The participants felt more capable of acting and felt that people would rather listen to them, ”said the expert.

"This is important because aggressiveness at the workplace, for example by shouting, makes the person under attack feel degraded. Humor can obviously counteract this feeling and give it new strength. ”

Humor increases productivity

According to the information, the study is part of a larger research project that examines the impact of laughter at the workplace. An older investigation by Dr. Cheng shows that humor can also increase productivity.

In this 2015 study, subjects had to perform boring, repetitive tasks (answer simple math questions).

After a certain time, the participants took a ten-minute break. A group watched funny videos during this time.

“After the break, we told people that they could stop working anytime. Then we measured how long they continued and how well they did in the process, ”explained Dr. Cheng.

"The group that watched the funny videos continued twice as long and at the same quality level." (Ad)

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