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Self-treatment for colds

Self-treatment for colds

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What helps with colds - possibilities of self-treatment

In mild cases of acute runny nose, e.g. As part of a simple cold, you fast for two to three days with hot water, broth and herbal teas to prevent mucilage. Dairy products must be avoided at all costs. After three days, you can switch to cooked vegetables. You keep warm and rest (if possible) sitting.


Inhale regularly, e.g. with sea salt, a handful of thyme, sage or peppermint leaves clear the nose. Ginger root, linden blossom and white willow, the plant-based “aspirin”, which is expectorant and counteracts limb pain, are suitable as tea. The elder is also highly recommended because its berries contain a lot of vitamin C, its bark and roots have a laxative effect (the elimination of toxins) and the flowers strengthen the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.

Help with vasomotor runny nose

In the case of vasomotor colds, a "Kneipp" cure for the nose can be tried, in which the nasal vessels are to be trained. For this, ice-cold water is drawn into the nose several times a day. Alternatively, wet cotton swabs can be made and used in the ice compartment for single use. In addition, the current way of life should be reconsidered and possible therapeutic support for the development of adequate stress processing should be sought. In naturopathy, (ear) acupuncture, soft laser treatment, therapeutic hypnosis, and many other vegetatively changing and constitutional treatment options are also possible.

Other holistic medicine options

Although evidence of efficacy has so far been lacking, treatment approaches such as Schüßler salt therapy, homeopathy and Bach flower remedies for a cold are also worth trying.

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Schuessler salts

At the first signs of a runny nose, such as tingling of the nose, first take Schuessler salt no.3, Ferrum phos. alternately.

Homeopathy for colds

Since, according to homeopathic law, the remedy is not found against a specific constitution, expert therapeutic advice is necessary for a profound healing. You can try in potencies D6, D12 e.g. Aconite (sudden onset; dry, nasal congestion with little discharge), Belladonna (violent onset; fever; possibly runny nose with blood), Dulcamara (after drenching; profuse nasal discharge; thick, yellow mucus), Allium cepa (wondrous, burning, watery Runny nose; burning eyes) or euphrasia (mild, watery runny nose; red eyes; sore tears).

Bach flowers

Bach flowers help by balancing mental states, which can reduce physical disorders. Since “blind spots” cannot be avoided in the self-assessment, it is helpful to have the appropriate Bach flowers determined by professional practitioners with an objective view and a good knowledge of the flower descriptions. The following considerations can be made in advance: What am I fed up with? What am I "sniffing" about? What has become too much for me? Who / What could I not fend off? Where could I not say "no"? (jvs)

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Jeanette Viñals Stein, Barbara Schindewolf-Lensch


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