Back pain often disappears through this movement alone

Back pain often disappears through this movement alone

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Back pain can often be successfully treated through exercise

Low back pain is one of the most common health complaints in Germany. Experts usually advise those affected not to take excessive care of complaints, but rather to exercise. In many cases, this can help the pain to go away.

Most back ailments are muscular

There are more and more treatments for back ailments in Germany. Lower back pain can also have psychological causes in some cases, but health experts say that over 80 percent of back problems are muscular. Specialists therefore usually recommend exercises to avoid back pain. If you already have symptoms, special back pain exercises can sometimes help. As a rule, those affected are advised not to take too much care, but to exercise regularly.

Exclude dangerous diseases

Almost everyone has to deal with back pain at some point. Going to the doctor is often inevitable.

Like Prof. Dr. Bernd Kladny, general secretary of the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU), explained in a message that at the beginning of each treatment there is an extensive questioning and an expert physical examination.

"We specifically check possible warning signs that indicate a preventable dangerous illness as the physical cause of the pain," said the expert.

According to the information, 85 to 90 percent of those affected could not find such warning signs.

"Then we don't need any imaging tests such as X-rays or magnetic resonance imaging," explains Kladny.

Experts criticize that such complaints are often X-rayed too early and unnecessarily.

Exercise is the best therapy

As stated in the DGOU communication, exercise is the best therapy for non-specific pain.

If necessary, the patient can take painkillers or anti-inflammatories so that he can move again.

"This way, most acute non-specific low back pain also disappears after four to six weeks," says Kladny.

However, if this is not the case, it should be checked whether imaging is still required. According to the experts, this also applies if the doctor has a firm suspicion during the initial examination that there is a physical cause.

The cause of the persistent complaints can include signs of wear or a herniated disc.

Operation only in exceptional cases

If warnings or a reliable clue for a specific illness are found, then expert treatment of the underlying cause is required.

According to the DGOU, treatment does not necessarily have to be an operation - on the contrary: “If there are no alarm signals such as paralysis, blood poisoning or a lack of control over the intestine and bladder, conservative therapy - with pain, movement, physiotherapy and other procedures - is the standard “Write the experts in the message.

Only when such non-surgical procedures do not bring relief can the doctor and patient discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an operation.

"To treat low back pain effectively, you need a clearly defined, stringent plan," emphasizes DGOU President Prof. Werner Siebert. (ad)

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