Lean with coffee, chocolate or red wine? Lose weight easily with the Sirtfood Diet?

Lean with coffee, chocolate or red wine? Lose weight easily with the Sirtfood Diet?

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Two very big people in the celebrity world are “suspected” of having lost a lot of body weight with the Sirtfood Diet. We are talking about Pippa Middleton and the singer Adele. The fitness coaches of the two stars swear by Sirtford and so the assumption of the English gossip press was of course obvious.

If you take a closer look at the new diet, you will find that it has potential - but above all because it is actually not that new.

The headlines read, as you are used to with a new diet, exaggerated and too optimistic: "Young and slim with pleasure", "How to eat younger", "The tastiest diet in the world!" This is how Sirtfood books were announced . The diet should not only make you slim without giving up, but also rejuvenate and activate so-called "slimming genes". To be too good to be true? Not really. Although chocolate and red wine are allowed foods.

The new diet was developed by the US nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten. They derived the term “sirt food” from the sirtuins, which have been one of the most popular research objects in medicine for several years. Because the enzymes control many metabolic and aging processes. There are seven of them, which differ in their effects and influence each other, so that most of the time you control several of them when you "turn a Sirtuin screw" somewhere.

Sirt1 reduces the build-up of white adipose tissue, but it itself is influenced by another Sirtuin, namely Sirt7. At the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad Nauheim, it was recently discovered that mice slim down to an anorexia-like state if you turn off Sirt7 and thereby boost Sirt1 activity.

Sirtuins 3 and 6 are now known to be involved in brain metabolism. In reaction and memory tests, test subjects with low Sirt3 values ​​performed significantly worse.

They also had more dew proteins in the brain, which are considered to be a co-trigger for Alzheimer's. Sirtuins 1 and 2 can meanwhile be regarded as mobilizers of sugar metabolism, because they improve the insulin sensitivity of fat, muscle and liver cells.

The drug metformin is used against diabetes and only works so well because it increases the Sirt1 level. Pharmaceutical researchers are now working on a way to initiate this increase directly, without the detour via metformin.

Goggins and mats now claim that sirtuin levels can also be influenced without medication - namely through a special menu: the sirt food diet. It is primarily based on foods with a high proportion of polyphenols, i.e. tannins.

Sirt food also includes the classic weight loss principle "less is more". "Foods containing polyphenols and reducing calorie intake have similar effects on sirtuins, especially on sirtuins," emphasize Goggins and Matten. That's why the Sirtfood diet starts, unsurprisingly, with the waiver.

The first phase lasts 3 days and consists of a reduction to 1000 kilocalories per day, which is divided into two sirt food-rich vegetable juices and a sirt food-rich meal. For the next four days, 1500 kilocalories are planned, divided into two juices and two meals. At the end there is a stabilization period of two weeks, in which one can consume three sirt meals and one sirt drink.

Then the calories are no longer reduced. "It's more about getting used to having more sirt food on the menu from now on," emphasize Goggins and Mattens. Ultimately, a long-term dietary change is envisaged - and here the Sirt authors completely agree with the views of the large professional societies, such as the German Society for Nutrition,

And not only there is agreement. Plant-based foods such as walnut, olive oil, garlic, arugula, parsley, capers and also a little red wine are inevitably found on the list of polyphenol-containing sirt foods, i.e. the typical components of the Mediterranean diet, which nutritional medicine experts consider to be particularly healthy. Other components of the sirt diet are known from Asian cuisine such as turmeric, tofu, red onions and green tea.

The latter showed a particularly great influence on the sirtuins in the laboratory, as did coffee and chocolate, which add a tasty crown to the sirtfood, so to speak. Such recommendations naturally make a diet much more attractive than weight loss and calorie count.

However, there is no clinical evidence for the Sirt diet yet. Neither for their effects on body weight, nor for the effects on the brain, sugar metabolism and life expectancy. But a team of researchers from the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel at least comes to the conclusion in a study that the combination of Mediterranean and Asian food is indeed "a promising strategy" to "protect against chronic illnesses and unite" contribute to healthy aging ”.

The North German nutritionists also see the siruin-stimulating effect, but it is just one of the many effects that resulted from this predominantly vegetarian combination of dishes. They prefer to call the approach “Mediterranean-Asian Diet”.

However, it is questionable whether this name will prevail in the diet scene known for its dazzling titles. (fs)

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