Obesity - Even at a young age, there are serious cardiovascular complaints

Obesity - Even at a young age, there are serious cardiovascular complaints

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Cardiovascular suffering from obesity in adolescents

Anyone who is too fat as a teenager often has high blood pressure and a strained heart as a young adult. This is indicated by a study by scientists from Great Britain. The researchers therefore emphasize the importance of preventing overweight and obesity at a young age in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases in later life.

Many children and adolescents are too fat

More and more overweight people live in Germany. Many children and teenagers are too fat too. Health experts warn against underestimating the risks of being overweight. Childhood and adolescent obesity can have dangerous health consequences, including increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes later in life. This also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in adulthood. This is indicated by a study by British researchers.

Dangerous effects in adulthood

Swedish researchers reported last year on a study that showed that obesity in teenagers increases their risk of stroke in adulthood.

And Israeli scientists found in a study that fat adolescents die earlier from cardiovascular diseases.

In a new study by the University of Bristol (Great Britain) there is now also evidence of how dangerous it can be if people weigh too much at a young age.

The results, which were published in the journal "Circulation", indicate that teenagers who weigh too much often have high blood pressure and a strained heart as young adults.

A harbinger of later cardiovascular diseases

As reported by the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE), the scientists at the University of Bristol had evaluated data from more than 3,000 young volunteers aged 17 for their study.

Among other things, blood pressure, heart rate and the body mass index (BMI) were determined as a ratio of weight to body size, which is a measure for assessing body weight.

At the age of 21, medical doctors determined heart size and certain parameters for the function of the heart in around 400 of the study participants with the help of magnetic resonance imaging.

It was found that teenagers who put on too many pounds at the age of 17 were more likely to have high blood pressure at the age of 21.

They also tended to enlarge the left ventricle, which pumps oxygen-rich blood into the body.

This indicates organ damage to the muscle and is a harbinger of later cardiovascular diseases.

Prevent obesity at a young age

The BZfE points out that pure observational studies cannot prove causal relationships.

However, the scientists were able to substantiate the results with the help of genetic methods such as Mendelian randomization.

However, there were no elevated values ​​for the heart rate of the overweight teenagers.

This suggests that the enlargement of the heart was solely due to the increase in stroke volume. The stroke volume is the amount of blood that the heart pumps into the body during a heartbeat.

According to the information, the carotid artery was not thickened, so that obesity apparently initially only stressed the heart and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) only appeared in old age.

The British scientists emphasized the importance of preventing overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence in order to prevent cardiovascular problems and other diseases later in life.

Above all, a healthy diet and more exercise are important so that teenagers lose pounds. (ad)

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